Dr. Satohiro Akimoto
Chairman of the Board and President

Dr. Satohiro Akimoto is Chairman of the Board and President of Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA. He joined the organization in

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James L. Schoff
Senior Director

James L. Schoff is senior director of the “U.S.-Japan NEXT Alliance Initiative” at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA. As leader

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Naritada Miura
Program Assistant

Naritada Miura joined Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA as a Program Assistant in December 2021. He provides support for the Policy

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LtGen Wallace “Chip” Gregson
Non-Resident Distinguished Senior Fellow

LtGen Wallace “Chip” Gregson most recently served as the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Asian and Pacific Security Affairs from May

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LtGen Lawrence “Larry” Nicholson
Distinguished Senior Fellow (Non-Resident)

LtGen Lawrence “Larry” Nicholson (USMC, Ret.) retired after 39 years of active-duty service to the United States in October of

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