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Chairman’s Message

Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA (Sasakawa USA) is committed to deepening the understanding of and strengthening the relationship between the U.S. and Japan for the benefit of a free and open international community. We do so as the bilateral relationship between the two countries is crucially important for our way of life, such as democracy, freedom, rule of law, free enterprise, and transparency. Such values are constantly challenged and even threatened by forces of autocracy and authoritarianism, as most recklessly demonstrated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Japan is now ready to play a new and increased role in joining the United States together with other like-minded countries to promote and protect universal values.

Sasakawa USA is working to upgrade our grant-giving activities and increase our think tank capabilities. We have made concrete developments, both internally and externally, to become an energetic, thoughtful, and effective organization.

First, we are lucky to have a strong team led by Mr. James Schoff, Senior Director of the US-Japan NEXT Alliance Initiative, Ms. Shanti Shoji, Director of Programs, and Ms. Misa Imanaka-Miller, Director of Administration. They will continue to ensure that their respective responsibilities are running at the highest level possible.

Second, we are thrilled to work with our high-level and well-respected advisors and distinguished senior fellows. We are truly grateful to them for giving us valuable guidance and expert contributions to our growing activities.

Third, we are fortunate to have a close but independent working relationship with Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Tokyo to connect Tokyo and Washington, D.C. Our relationship with Sasakawa Peace Foundation allows us to have a wide-variety of programs, which cater to interests of policy and academic communities with mid to long-term views in mind.

Fourth, we are open and determined to collaborate with other like-minded organizations in the policy, academic, and grassroots arenas. We have already been working with several important partner organizations in Washington, D.C.

Sasakawa USA is well-aware that we are a small fish in a big pond. But we are determined to grow, work with others, and contribute to the international community through the U.S.-Japan relationship. We welcome any feedback or comments from you. Thank you very much.

Chairman and President,
Dr. Satohiro Akimoto

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