Chairman's Message

Chairman’s Message: Military Confrontations in Peace and War

On a recent trip to East Asia, the subject of steadily increasing Chinese maritime and air activity in the waters and airspace of Japan and Taiwan came up often, Admiral Dennis Blair writes. Japan and Taiwan, with their “intercept everything” policies, are degrading their readiness to defend their territory in conflict, lowering deterrence of Chinese military aggression. How can these policies be changed without appearing as a weakening of resolve and capability?

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Press Releases

Georgia’s Workforce Development Programs Complement Japanese Business Needs

Atlanta, GA– Atlanta, GA – On September 6, 2018, officials from the U.S. State Department and Japan’s Consulate-General’s office in Atlanta, joined university and technical school faculty and Georgia business leaders to discuss the important role the state plays in educating and training workers. The discussion was held during the Investing in Georgia’s Workforce: A U.S.-Japan Dialogue conference at

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Japan and Georgia, Growing in Importance…Together

Atlanta, GA– Today, former military and government officials, policymakers, and business leaders held a lunch discussion at Atlanta’s Commerce Club on the economic investments Japanese companies make in the state of Georgia. The discussion, sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Atlanta, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA, and the East-West Center, focused on aspects of

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In the News

Inkstick Media article examines Japan’s chance to lead on climate change

Darah Phillip, Research Assistant for Sasakawa USA, has published an article on Inkstick Media about Japan and climate change. “Japan’s Chance to Lead on Climate Change,” was published on October 16 and examines the steps Japan could take to establish a global lead in mitigating climate change. Specifically, Philip argues that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should reject burning coal as a source of energy in Japan and abroad, and work to develop and share Japanese technologies and best practices with other nations.

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Fiscal 2018 Tax Reforms Aim at Overcoming Deflation

The Liberal Democratic Party and Kōmeitō announced a tax reform package for fiscal 2018 that will affect the income tax, the corporate tax, and the tax on business succession (inheritance tax) as well as establish such new taxes as a departure tax for travelers leaving Japan.

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