Chairman's Message

Chairman’s Message: After Hanoi, Back to Basics

For its first two years, North Korea has been the Trump administration’s highest profile diplomacy effort in Asia. The President and his advisors believed that in dealing with North Korea they had better ideas, greater skills and more favorable conditions than their predecessors. Some even dreamed that Donald Trump could be the second American president

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Press Releases

Japan-Kentucky Collaboration: Developing the Bluegrass Workforce and Economy

On March 7, Sasakawa USA will co-host a panel discussion of Japan’s future overseas investment interests and the kinds of workforce needed in Kentucky to support these investments. The conversation will seek to identify the challenges that Kentucky faces to recruit and train the necessary workforce, and explore how Japanese and U.S. companies, state, and

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Racing to the Future: U.S.-Japan Technology Trends and Leadership in Self-Driving Vehicles

Join Sasakawa USA from 4:30-6:00 p.m. on April 2 for a panel discussion on technology trends inthe United States and Japan and U.S.-Japan leadership in autonomous driving technologies. A welcome message will be provided by a special robot guest. Embracing the National Cherry Blossom’s Festival’s 2019 “light and festive”theme, Sasakawa USA will also host an

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In the News


Fiscal 2018 Tax Reforms Aim at Overcoming Deflation

The Liberal Democratic Party and Kōmeitō announced a tax reform package for fiscal 2018 that will affect the income tax, the corporate tax, and the tax on business succession (inheritance tax) as well as establish such new taxes as a departure tax for travelers leaving Japan.

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