Commentary & Analysis

Commentary & Analysis

Bolstering the Fortresses of Regional Stability: The Changing Indo-Pacific Security Environment and Military Bases in Japan

Jul 03, 2024
Mr. Shawn D. Harding
Doctor of International Affairs Candidate, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

エコノミック・ステイトクラフト としてのIPEF

May 17, 2024
経済学部准教授, 和歌山大学

Strategic Misalignments: Rethinking US Tactics in the Semiconductor Arena

May 08, 2024
Mr. Michael Frank
CEO and Founder, Seldon Strategies
Non-resident Fellow, 2430 Group

IPEF as Economic Statecraft – What Supply Chain Agreements Should Do and Not Do

May 01, 2024
Dr. Takeyasu Fujiki
Associate Professor of Economics, Wakayama University

日米同盟に不可欠な次のステップ: 指揮統制 (C2)の近代化

Mar 04, 2024
Mr. James Schoff
Sasakawa USA Senior Director
Mr. Chris Johnstone
Senior Adviser and Japan Chair

Old Meets New: Utilizing WPS as a Framework to Enhance U.S.-Japan Partnership

Feb 16, 2024
Ms. Kayla McGill
WPS Policy Advisor, The Secretary's Office of Global Women's Issues, Department of State

Priorities for the Emerging U.S.-Japan-Philippines Triangle

Feb 14, 2024
Mr. Brian Harding
Senior Expert, Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands, U.S. Institute of Peace

A Vital Next Step for the U.S.-Japan Alliance:
Command and Control Modernization

Feb 01, 2024
Mr. James Schoff, Senior Director, Sasakawa USA; and Mr. Christopher B. Johnstone, Senior Advisor and Japan Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Women, Peace and Security: An Opportunity to Further the U.S.-Japan Security Alliance

Dec 19, 2023
Ms. Erin Cooper
Acting Director for International Humanitarian Policy, Department of Defense

The Power of Connection: Building Networks to Advance U.S.-Japan Cooperation on Women, Peace & Security

Nov 29, 2023
Ms. Monica S. Herrera
WPS Curriculum Developer, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Office of Women, Peace & Security

Honoring the Legacy of Disaster Prevention Month in Japan Through the Lens of Women, Peace and Security

Oct 18, 2023
Commander Andre M. Agraviador
Senior Military Advisor, Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues, Department of State

Seeds & Solidarity: Lessons and Insights from the 2023 Sasakawa USA Emerging Experts Delegation on Women, Peace and Security

Oct 05, 2023
Jessica M. Smith, PhD
Research and Policy Director, Georgetown Institute of Women, Peace & Security

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