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June 2024: 2024 SEED on WPS and DRR/Gender, U.S.-Japan Research Exchange, and Cybersecurity Roundtable
May 2024: U.S.-Japan Integrated Security Dialogue, CSGJ Chiefs of Staff Trip to Japan, and SWAN
April 2024: U.S.-Japan Integrated Security Dialogue, 2024 SEED Cohort, and JUMP at Sakura Matsuri
March 2024: Tokyo NEXT Alliance Conference and JUMP Quantico
February 2024: JUMP Annual Dinner and Tokyo NEXT Alliance Conference
January 2024: Recapturing Happiness Photo Exhibit and FMC Congressional Study Group on Japan


December 2023: NEXT Alliance Initiative C2 Roundtable, SWAN with Ms. Mika Takagi, and Upcoming Photo Exhibit
November 2023: JUMP West Point and LTG Koichiro Bansho's DC Visit
October 2023: NEXT Alliance Conference (NAC) on C2 Modernization and JUMP Honolulu
September 2023: Hon. Kenta Izumi and CDP Members Visit Sasakawa USA
August 2023: Policy Briefings on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) and Yosegaki Hinomaru
July 2023: 2023 SEED Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Study Trip to Tokyo
June 2023: SEED 2023 Delegation
May 2023: U.S.-Japan Integrated Security Dialogue and Discussion with Hon. Akira Amari
April 2023: Policy Briefing with Dr. Sabura Takizawa and discussion with Minister Motosada Matano
March 2023: NEXT Alliance Conference in Tokyo and Hon. Ted Yoho's Research in Japan
February 2023: ADM Katsutoshi Kawano Speaks at U.S. Naval Academy and 2023 JUMP Annual Dinner
January 2023: ADM Philip S. Davidson’s Trip to Japan, and Policy Briefing with the Hon. Iwao Horii on Japan’s National Defense Strategy


December, 2017: Sasakawa USA Forum publication explores opportunities in U.S.-Japan state and local economic collaboration
December, 2017: New Report: Operation Rugby Daemon
November, 2017: Chairman’s Message focuses on President Trump’s trip to Asia
October, 2017: Japan Political Pulse analysis spotlights upcoming Japanese elections
October, 2017: The Alliance Working in America series debuts in Houston
September, 2017: New event series explores US-Japan relations in Houston
August, 2017: China’s Intellectual Property Theft Must Stop
August, 2017: Asia on Air Episode 05 and a new Chairman’s Message
July, 2017: Announcing the inaugural Global Classmates Summit with Kizuna Across Cultures
July, 2017: New commentary on Japan-China relations, the Shangri-La Dialogue
June, 2017: New report on U.S.-Japan critical infrastructure protection
June, 2017: Chairman’s message focuses on Japan’s constitution
May, 2017: Recap of Fourth Annual Security Forum and upcoming event on European views of Japan
April, 2017: Fourth Annual Security Forum, Japan reconsiders the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and more
April, 2017: Recap of the Second Annual Alumni Dinner, public satisfaction in Japan, and more
March, 2017: Second annual JUMP dinner and new publications on democracy promotion and rare metals
March, 2017: Amb. James Zumwalt becomes new Sasakawa USA CEO, Japan’s energy conundrum, and more
February , 2017: Spotlight on Japan’s declining population, the latest Japan Political Pulse, and more
February, 2017: Ambassador James P. Zumwalt named Sasakawa USA’s next CEO
January, 2017: At Pearl Harbor, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe offers condolences


December, 2016: Introducing Asia on Air podcast and the future of the U.S.-Japan alliance
December, 2016: Video – Securing critical resources in a new green and industrial era
November, 2016: Celebrating Japan’s constitution, 70 years later
October, 2016: Exploring why “Japan Matters” for America
October, 2016: Introducing new fellow Christopher Nelson and a look at South China Sea issues
September, 2016: How to prevent China from changing the status quo in the South China Sea
September, 2016: Introducing two new Sasakawa USA Fellows: Phyllis Yoshida and Hideshi Tokuchi
August, 2016: Spotlight on Sasakawa USA’s Research Programs and Emperor Akihito’s wish to abdicate the crown
August, 2016: Adm. Dennis Blair testifies on South China Sea issues at Senate committee hearing
July, 2016: Analyzing the Upper House Elections and the UN tribunal ruling on South China Sea
June, 2016: Japan Political Pulse tracking approval ratings as HOC elections near
June, 2016: Sasakawa USA Forum launches with first three publications on U.S.-Japan relations
May, 2016: Security Forum Recap and New Report on Clean Energy
May, 2016: Sending condolences, support to Kumamoto
April, 2016: Announcing Third Annual Security Forum
April, 2016: Introducing the Maritime Awareness Project
• March, 2016: Experts commemorate 3/11 tragedy
March, 2016: Remembering the Great East Japan earthquake, five years later
• February: Introducing Japan Political Pulse
February, 2016: Introducing Sasakawa USA’s Civil Society Exchange Program
January, 2016: New York Times editorial calls Sasakawa USA report ‘new thinking’ on Okinawa
January, 2016: Introducing Fellow for Cybersecurity and Okinawa report

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