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Japan’s Changing Electricity Market: Recommendations for Policy Makers

Author: Tarak Shah, Energy Policy Consultant

Energy policy consultant Tarak Shah participated in the Sasakawa USA 2017-2018 In-Depth Alumni Research Trip to Japan. In this paper, Shah highlights current trends in the Japanese electricity market, notes areas of strength, and outlines specific changes that Japanese policy makers could implement for a safer, cleaner energy future. 

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Japan’s Plutonium Question

Author: Dr. Phyllis Genther Yoshida, Senior Fellow for Energy and Technology, Sasakawa USA

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Japan must reassess the appropriate supply-demand balance of its plutonium stocks upon completion of its new energy plan. Japan has about 47 tons of separated plutonium onshore and stored in France and Great Britain for reprocessing into commercial fuel with a small amount reserved for research purposes.

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U.S.-Japan Diplomacy and the Singapore Summit: Assessing the Outcomes

Author: Darah Phillip, Research Assistant, Sasakawa USA

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After weeks of dialogue between U.S. and Japanese leaders on North Korea, the immediate results of the June 12 summit between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un left much to be desired for Japan and U.S.-Japan relations. Not only did the joint statement fail  to address Japanese abductees in North Korea or the security threat posed by North Korean missiles, but Trump also indicated his willingness to concede alliance agreements for vague gains by mentioning ending “war games” jointly held by South Korea and the United States.

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Start-ups and their entrepreneurial leadership cannot hold off on cybersecurity: Governments can and should help

Author: Megan Stifel, Cybersecurity Policy Director, Public Knowledge

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In December 2017, Sasakawa USA partnered with the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) to take a cohort of seven rising U.S. cybersecurity experts and technology entrepreneurs for a week-long study trip to Japan. Here, cohort member Megan Stifel, Cybersecurity Policy Director, Public Knowledge, writes about the challenges governments and entrepreneurs face when addressing cybersecurity.

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Sister Cities: Seedbed for the Grassroots of U.S.-Japan Relations

Author: Grace Ruch Clegg, Former Projects and Outreach Coordinator, East-West Center in Washington

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Grace Ruch Clegg, former Projects and Outreach Coordinator at the East-West Center in Washington, participated in the Sasakawa USA 2017-2018 In-Depth Alumni Research Trip to Japan. Here, Ruch Clegg shares her findings on the legacy, benefits, challenges, and outlook for sister city relationships between the United States and Japan.

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