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Japan Today article examines debate over Japan’s defense strategy

Brittney Washington, Program Assistant for Sasakawa USA, and Kangkyu “David” Lee, former Program Assistant for Sasakawa USA, have published an article in Japan Today about the Japan Self-Defense Forces, and Japanese PM Abe’s efforts to constitutionally redefine Japan’s national defense strategy.

The Bright Side of Japan’s Bleak Election

“On paper,” writes Fellow for Economy, Trade, and Business Tobias Harris in an October 25 op-ed for New Republic, “it looks like Japan’s October 22 general election was more of the same.” Despite the successes of the October 22 election for the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito, says Harris, this election may be a turning point for Japan.

Giving Up Hope: How Yuriko Koike Lost Japan’s Snap Election

“Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike upstaged Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by announcing that she would lead her newly created Party of Hope in the snap election that Abe announced later that same day,” wrote Sasakawa USA’s Tobias Harris in an opinion piece published by Foreign Affairs. Nonetheless, he continues, the Party of Hope eventually fizzled.

A strategy to eliminate North Korea’s nuclear threat

The U.S., Japan, and South Korea need to rely on pressure and patience, deterrence and containment — not military action — to eventually realize our vision of a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.