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In an era when energy issues are becoming more and more intertwined with a nation’s technological capacity, energy security and energy resiliency are top concerns for both the United States and Japan. Cooperation on these issues represents another means by which to strengthen the U.S.-Japan alliance.

Both countries are undergoing profound change in the energy sector, driven in the United States by the unconventional gas and oil revolution and in Japan by the March 11, 2011 events that led to the shutdown of Japan’s nuclear industry. While U.S. and Japanese demand for energy is flat, global demand continues to increase, particularly in Asia, with ramifications for energy markets and climate change.

Both countries are global leaders in advanced science and state-of-the art technologies. Over the past 70 years, the United States and Japan have collaborated bilaterally and in multilateral efforts on a myriad of topics including energy and the physical sciences. Continued and expanded cooperation by government, academia, and the private sector can help move economies toward a greener, more sustainable, future.

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