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With the U.S.-Japan trade wars of the 1980s and early 1990s a distant memory and the Asia-Pacific now the center of global growth, the American and Japanese economies are more closely linked than ever before.

Trade and investment between the two countries and among key nations of the Asia-Pacific are poised to accelerate with the implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. With Japan also embarking on major economic policy reforms encompassed by “Abenomics,” economic relations between the United States and Japan have entered a particularly dynamic period.

Sasakawa USA is working with partner organizations in holding an ongoing, high-level, bilateral economic dialogue, as well as a series of conferences and seminars on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Abenomics. Sasakawa USA’s projects address the design and impact of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the supply chains of American and Japanese companies, and issues relating to rare metals.

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