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In an overwhelmingly digital era, the wrongdoing of cybercriminals and even malicious acts of nation states threaten the safety and well being of people everywhere. A strong cybersecurity capability has become a vital element of national security.

The United States and Japan, two of world’s largest, most advanced economies, are frequent targets of hackers from around the world. Every day brings news of a new cyber attack against a government agency or company somewhere in America or Japan by a hostile country or organization. From the hack of Sony Pictures to recent Wikileaks disclosures of confidential emails from the 2016 presidential campaign, both the U.S. and Japan have seen how cyberattacks not only have frequency, but also impact.

A successful cyberattack can disrupt the activities, careers, and operations of those affected. And, while both countries are bolstering their defenses, both still have much to do to fend off adversaries in the cyber domain. Sasakawa USA’s cybersecurity program aims to find ways in which the U.S. and Japan can collaborate to train the cybersecurity workforce, enhance network protection, and ultimately improve both countries’ responses to evolving threats.

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