Testing Trilateral, U.S.-Japan, and U.S.-ROK Responses to North Korean Provocations: Tabletop Exercise Pacific Trident

Author: Admiral Michael McDevitt and Yoichi Kato

Categories: Tabletop Exercise

Tabletop Exercise Pacific Trident explored trilateral, U.S.-Japan, and U.S.-Republic of Korea (ROK) responses to unexpected events and deliberate North Korean provocations. This report summarizes the exercise, its policy-level insights, and its final recommendations to policymakers in the United States, ROK, and Japan.

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The Past May Rhyme, But is Asia Now Singing a Different Tune?

Author: Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson, Sasakawa USA Fellow for U.S.-Asia Relations, reflects on the 2017 Shangri-La Dialogue, organized by the International Institute on Strategic Studies, and the implications for U.S. allies and friends in Asia of the Trump administration’s uncertain policies. In the absence of U.S. leadership, says Nelson, Japan seems to be taking a more proactive role in the region.

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Cybersecurity and smart grids: report on the Twelfth U.S.-Japan Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum

This report compiles the results of the second day of the Twelfth U.S.-Japan Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum. The event brought together experts from the private power and cybersecurity industries, consultants, researchers, and government regulators from both the United States and Japan to discuss cybersecurity threats to smart grids and opportunities for bilateral cooperation in addressing those threats.

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