Cybersecurity: Preparing the Workforce

Date: March 2-3, 2017

This two-day conference jointly hosted by Keio University and Sasakawa USA in Tokyo explored the human talent component of Cybersecurity, focusing on education, training, and use cases while discussing exciting innovative technology and policy.

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It’s time to treat Bitcoin ransom as stolen goods

Author: William "Bud" Roth

Categories: Cyber beat, Sasakawa USA Blog

There has been a lot of legal debate about whether Bitcoin is a currency, a security, or a commodity. That judgement will ultimately determine whether Bitcoins used to pay ransom are treated as stolen money (fungible) or stolen goods (reclaimable). Law enforcement should treat Bitcoin as a commodity and, in doing so, the victims of ransomware who pay would have recourse against all future owners of the ransomed Bitcoins to reclaim them.

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Cybersecurity in Japan: An overview

Author: William "Bud" Roth

Categories: Cyber beat

Japan has increasingly become concerned about cybersecurity in the face of increasing attacks against private and public sector targets.  Cybersecurity challenges, some emanating from traditional adversaries in the region, represent a challenge to the welfare and safety of Japan’s citizens.

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Japan’s cybersecurity market: Opportunities and challenges

Author: William "Bud" Roth

Categories: Cyber beat

Japan’s cybersecurity market is expected to grow by 19 percent in 2016. With that staggering figure in mind, William “Bud” Roth, Non-Resident Fellow for Cybersecurity at Sasakawa USA, presented research on the topic at “New Trade Opportunities for Exporters,” a international business forum held February 4, 2016.

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