An expanding role for Japan: An interview with Admiral Dennis Blair


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Developments including Chinese military buildup, the Brexit issue in Europe, and the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President provide Japan with a range of challenges going forward. As Japan responds to these concerns, Admiral Dennis Blair sees the nation’s relationship with the United States remaining a bulwark in the Asia region and expects it to increasingly take a leading role in such areas as defense, diplomacy, and the world economy.

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Video: Securing Critical Resources in a New Green and Industrial Era

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On November 30, 2016, Sasakawa USA partnered with the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Center at Stanford University to hold a conference to discuss and lay out the challenges, opportunities, and limitations of creating resilient supplies of critical materials. The event included expert roundtables on specific aspects of bringing rare metals from production to product. This was the

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Video: Leadership Innovation in Crises and Lessons from 3.11

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This video is a compilation of footage from the Great East Japan Earthquake and its aftermath and clips from a Sasakawa USA – U.S.-Japan Council conference earlier this year examining the disaster and the joint response to it. The video was shown recently at USJC’s Annual Conference.

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Admiral Dennis Blair speaks on maritime security at JMSDF symposium

Author: Admiral Dennis Blair

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  Sasakawa USA Chairman and CEO Admiral Dennis Blair recently gave the keynote address at the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces Symposium on October 11. Blair’s remarks focused on the many dimensions to maritime security, both in wartime and peacetime. The world’s oceans provide for abundant natural, economic and strategic resources, from fish and hydrocarbons to

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