Social attitudes survey finds broad satisfaction, but concerns on economic opportunity and security

Author: Tobias Harris

Categories: Japan Political Pulse

Newly released results from a social consciousness survey in Japan found a high degree of satisfaction about Japanese society overall, but also found anxiety about both Japan’s position internationally and the economic opportunities available to younger Japanese.

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Japan’s Shinzo Abe, China’s Li Keqiang seek to shore up influence with Cuba on back-to-back visits

Author: South China Morning Post

Categories: In the News

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prepared for a visit to Cuba last week as the nation “just gets started to cultivate a relationship with Cuba,” said Hiroko Maeda, a non-residential fellow at Sasakawa USA and research fellow at the PHP Institute.

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Next Steps in US-Japan Relations: Post-Hiroshima Visit

Date: July 14, 2016

Sasakawa USA will host a private discussion with Professor Jennifer Lind on the topic of Barack Obama’s historic May 27 visit to Hiroshima, the first ever by a sitting U.S. president. Lind will discuss her assessment of the visit, regional implications, and the way forward in U.S.-Japan relations.

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21st Century Trilateral Maritime Cooperation

Date: June 27, 2016

Sasakawa USA, in partnership with the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at Australian National University and the Command and Staff College of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, convened a public forum in Canberra, Australia to discuss the current status of the U.S.-Japan-Australia trilateral maritime relationship and explore means for further strengthening and future cooperation.

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