True Stories from Japan: Going Home to Kyushu After 100+ Years

Author: Phyllis Genther Yoshida

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog, True Stories from Japan

My husband and I visited Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu in October to explore and learn more about the hometowns of my husband’s grandparents. Like many third-generation Japanese Americans, Chuck knew little other than the prefectures from which his grandparents had emmigrated. Even his parents knew little, as their parents rarely talked about Japan. Luckily, we did have a copy of a koseki, or family registry, for his paternal grandfather. Exploring ship, immigration, marriage, and other records gave us hints of the hometowns and the names of his grandparents’ parents.

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True Stories from Japan: From Nagasaki to the Netherlands

Author: Alexander Hoare

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog, True Stories from Japan

I have devoted the majority of my adult life to the study and understanding of Japanese history, arts, and politics. I do not hide my deep interest in Japan, which is why my friends and family were baffled when I announced that I would be moving to the Netherlands in the summer of 2015.

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True Stories from Japan: First impressions with host family endangered by sushi

Author: Christa Desrets

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog, True Stories from Japan

On the surface, dining out in Japan is not an inherently stressful experience. But on this particular night, a vocabulary mishap paired with the anxiety of meeting my new host family for the first time made for a memorable evening.

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True Stories from Japan: U.S.-Japan partnerships critical to building stronger advocacy programs

Author: Tomoko Fukuda

Categories: Sasakawa USA Alumni, Sasakawa USA Blog, True Stories from Japan

I recently participated in Sasakawa USA’s Civil Society Exchange Program – a week-long dialogue that brought members of Japan’s Civil Society to the United States to interact with their counterparts in the U.S. This was the first opportunity I had to have a genuine dialogue with U.S. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and expand the understanding of international development.

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