True Stories from Japan: Time in Tahara

Author: Paige Long

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog, True Stories from Japan

This past summer, I had the pleasure of visiting Japan for a two-week long trip with a handful of classmates from my high school in rural Kentucky. Part of me was quite nervous at first, and the thought of traveling around the world without the parental supervision that had surrounded me throughout my sixteen years made my palms sweaty.

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True Stories from Japan: A True Gentleman

Author: David Lee

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog, True Stories from Japan

As a Korean, I thought I had a grasp of the etiquette and norms of Japanese culture before traveling to Japan. However, my understanding and appreciation of these conventions were reinvigorated through an experience I had traveling through Hokkaido: I faced a minor crisis that only could have been resolved with the diligent aid of a native.

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Japan Matters for America: Publication rollout defines importance of bilateral relationship

Author: Christa Desrets

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog

The U.S.-Japan relationship is much more than one of just government-to-government cooperation — it has great implications within the private sector, influencing everything from trade and investment to tourism and educational exchange at the national, regional and local levels. The mechanics and benefits of this relationship were discussed February 9, when Sasakawa USA, the East-West

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