High Public Support in Japan for the Suga Cabinet, Polls Show

Author: Satohiro Akimoto

Categories: Japan Political Pulse

Satohiro Akimoto, Chairman and President of Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA The latest Nikkei poll, conducted between October 24 and 25, shows that Japanese public support of the Suga cabinet is very high – 63% of respondents approved of the new cabinet, while only 26% of respondents did not approve.[1] Compared with Nikkei’s first poll after

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Patching human OS: End users matter in cybersecurity

Author: Graham Cadwell Dietz

Categories: Cyber beat, Sasakawa USA Blog

When public figures talk about combatting cyberterrorism and protecting networked infrastructure, they may envision technical solutions with stronger firewalls, better encryption, and more stringent password requirements. But changes in culture and practices on networked devices are also very important, if perhaps more difficult, in reducing risk from security incidents.

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