C-Span streamed 5th U.S.-Japan-Korea Trilateral Symposium

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C-Span live streamed the entire 5th U.S.-Japan-Korea Trilateral Symposium, held at the National Press Club on January 4. The symposium, sponsored by Sasakawa USA, the International Student Conferences (ISC) and the Korea Foundation, gave emerging students leaders from all three nations the opportunity to discuss digital diplomacy and workplace challenges.

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Women in Politics: Case of Japan and South Korea

Date: May 18, 2017

Sasakawa USA hosted an off-the-record roundtable discussion on the topic of “Women in Politics: Case of Japan and South Korea,” which addressed the gender gap in Japanese political leadership in comparison with the situation in South Korea, focusing on the number of female legislators in each country.

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U.S.-Japan cooperation in defense, trade, and cybersecurity discussed at Fourth Annual Security Forum

Author: Hayley Aron

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Sasakawa USA’s Fourth Annual Security Forum brought together government officials, academics, and security experts for a day-long conference on Asian security within the context of the U.S.-Japan alliance. The event provided diverse views on challenging issues with panel discussions on topics such as congressional views on trade, U.S.-Japan defense policies, the North Korean threat, and cybersecurity cooperation.

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Fourth Annual Security Forum: Comments on North Korea and TPP capture media attention

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A range of media outlets reported on Sasakawa USA’s Fourth Annual Security Forum, featuring government officials, think tank experts, and private sector specialists speaking on the most pressing Asian security issues. Topics such as North Korea’s continued nuclear weapons program and the Trump administration’s policy in the region were of particular interest.

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