Chairman’s Message: Military Confrontations in Peace and War

Author: Admiral Dennis Blair

Categories: Chairman's Message, Sasakawa USA Blog

On a recent trip to East Asia, the subject of steadily increasing Chinese maritime and air activity in the waters and airspace of Japan and Taiwan came up often, Admiral Dennis Blair writes. Japan and Taiwan, with their “intercept everything” policies, are degrading their readiness to defend their territory in conflict, lowering deterrence of Chinese military aggression. How can these policies be changed without appearing as a weakening of resolve and capability?

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Chairman’s Message: U.S.-Japan Alliance: Deepening Ties While Confronting New Challenges

Author: Admiral Dennis Blair

Categories: Chairman's Message

Admiral Dennis Blair parses the defense policies and strategies of Japan and the United States during the past five years. The threats from North Korea and China have grown more intense, writes Admiral Blair, but the Alliance and cooperation between Japan and the United States have never been stronger.

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Japan-ASEAN cooperation: A central element of East Asia’s regional architecture

Author: Ōba Mie

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Japan’s ties with ASEAN over the past 40-plus years have been through various changes and have been affected by the major growth of China’s presence in the region. But Japan continues to be a key partner for the association and its members. Formerly focused on economic affairs, Japan-ASEAN cooperation now extends to the political and security spheres as well.

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