Retired SDF officers counter Trump’s remarks on security ties

Author: Asahi Shimbun & Sankei Shimbun

Categories: In the News

Japan’s self-defense forces play a large role in sustaining and enhancing the U.S.-Japan alliance, several SDF officers and others explained at a July 30 conference co-hosted by Sasakawa USA and the PHP Institute that recently was featured in articles in The Asahi Shimbun and Sankei Shimbun.

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Japanese government urges another increase in military spending

Author: The New York Times

Categories: In the News

Japan’s current budget request to increase defense spending and expand missile capabilities does not suggest that the nation is switching stances from primarily defensive to more offensive, Sasakawa USA’s Dr. Jeffrey Hornung said in an Aug. 31 article in The New York Times.

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Little chance of thaw in Sino-Japanese ties at G20 summit

Author: South China Morning Post

Categories: In the News

Tokyo’s relationship with Beijing has fluctuated greatly in the past several years, and those tensions are likely to continue through the upcoming G20 Leaders Summit that China will host next month, Sasakawa USA’s non-resident fellow Hiroko Maeda said in an article by the South China Morning Post.

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Japan’s security issues take center stage in 3-part Q&A with Sasakawa USA’s Jeffrey Hornung

Author: The Sekai Nippo

Categories: In the News, Sasakawa USA Blog

 The strategic importance of Okinawa, the next steps needed to strengthen the U.S.-Japan alliance and the status of Japan-Korea relations are among a wide range of issues Sasakawa USA’s Jeffrey Hornung discusses in a three-part Q&A series in the The Sekai Nippo that ran from January 31 to February 2.

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