Retired SDF officers counter Trump’s remarks on security ties

Author: Asahi Shimbun & Sankei Shimbun

Categories: In the News

Japan’s self-defense forces play a large role in sustaining and enhancing the U.S.-Japan alliance, several SDF officers and others explained at a July 30 conference co-hosted by Sasakawa USA and the PHP Institute that recently was featured in articles in The Asahi Shimbun and Sankei Shimbun.

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Next Steps for U.S.-Japan Security Cooperation

Author: Rachel Hoff

Categories: Sasakawa USA Forum

Sasakawa USA Forum Issue No. 3

In recent years, the United States and Japan have taken significant steps toward a stronger security alliance. While recent efforts to remove some of the legal and structural obstacles that have prohibited Japan from playing a larger role in the alliance have set the stage for a new era of U.S.-Japan defense cooperation, serious challenges remain to implement and operationalize the new reforms and mechanisms.

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Overhauling Japan’s “Postwar Diplomacy”

Author: Ogoura Kazuo

Categories: In-Depth with

The 70th year of the postwar period was marked by a new war anniversary statement and enactment of new security laws that Japan’s allies welcomed and neighbors criticized. It is time, Ogoura Kazuo argues, for Japan to move beyond “postwar diplomacy” in keeping with changing international realities.

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