JPP Archive: Japanese Fiscal Year 2016

Categories: Japan Political Pulse

The Japan Political Pulse aggregates major opinion polls conducted by Japanese media outlets in order to provide a more accurate picture of the Abe government’s public approval rating. This specific graph is an archive of Japan Political Pulse’s data for Japanese Fiscal Year 2016 (April 2016 through March 2017).

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JPP: Opposition parties aim for independent voters as campaign season officially begins

Author: Tobias Harris

Categories: Japan Political Pulse

The last round of polling before the campaign for Japan’s July 10 House of Councillors (HOC) elections officially began today shows that the Abe administration and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) continue to hold a commanding lead that could position them for a significant, if not overwhelming victory. But a number of independents are still undecided, and dissatisfaction with the Abe administration’s economic policies continues to run high, suggesting that there is room for the Democratic Party (DP) to gain at the government’s expense.

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The Polarization of the Japanese Media and the Need for Middle Ground

Author: Satō Takumi

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Japanese newspapers are said to have become polarized in their coverage of controversial issues like the recent national security legislation. How does their current approach compare with their stance in 1960, when renewal of the Japan-US security treaty split the nation? And what is their role in the age of the Internet, where people are unlikely to seek content that conflicts with their own opinions?

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