Sasakawa USA 2017 Journalism Fellow: The story behind ‘Japan’s Women’s Hockey Team Wants to Be Known for Wins, Not Smiles’

Author: Seth Berkman

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog

2017 Sasakawa USA Journalism Fellow Seth Berkman took a reporting trip to Japan in late 2017. Here, he shares the back story for his reporting process behind his third article “Japan’s Women’s Hockey Team Wants to Be Known for Wins, Not Smiles,” published in the New York Times on February 6.

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Chairman’s Message: A look toward Tokyo 2020 as Rio Olympics near end

Author: Admiral Dennis Blair

Categories: Chairman's Message

With the Rio Olympics coming to a climax, thoughts turn to the next Olympiad scheduled for 2020 in Tokyo.  Both the Japanese leaders and the public are taking the event very seriously. The Olympic Games have been cited as an important incentive to improve cyber security in Japan, and for subsidizing and showcasing hydrogen vehicles and other green energy initiatives.

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True Stories from Japan: Soul-searching for Japan’s identity

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The author of this post is a member of the Sasakawa USA alumni community who wished to remain anonymous. We met with incredible people in incredible positions and got a very thorough overview of Japanese politics and policy. The key message I heard was that Prime Minister Abe is challenging Japan to reconsider its identity

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