Sasakawa USA Fellow Daniel Bob comments on Obama’s Hiroshima visit

Author: Al Jazeera's The Stream

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  Sasakawa USA’s Senior Fellow and Director of Programs Daniel Bob appeared on Al Jazeera’s The Stream on May 26 as one of several guests to speak on President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima. The conversation ranged from issues of nuclear disarmament to opinions on whether Obama should apologize for using the world’s first nuclear bombs.

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Ex-U.S. commander calls for reassessing ‘extended deterrence’ against N.K.

Author: Yonhap News Agency

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An op-ed by Sasakawa USA’s Admiral Dennis Blair and Gen. Masayuki Hironaka is gaining wider attention throughout South Korea after inspiring an article published January 25 by Chang Jae-soon of Yonhap News Agency.

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