True Stories from Japan: From Nagasaki to the Netherlands

Author: Alexander Hoare

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog, True Stories from Japan

I have devoted the majority of my adult life to the study and understanding of Japanese history, arts, and politics. I do not hide my deep interest in Japan, which is why my friends and family were baffled when I announced that I would be moving to the Netherlands in the summer of 2015.

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Sasakawa USA Fellow Daniel Bob comments on Obama’s Hiroshima visit

Author: Al Jazeera's The Stream

Categories: In the News, Sasakawa USA Blog

  Sasakawa USA’s Senior Fellow and Director of Programs Daniel Bob appeared on Al Jazeera’s The Stream on May 26 as one of several guests to speak on President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima. The conversation ranged from issues of nuclear disarmament to opinions on whether Obama should apologize for using the world’s first nuclear bombs.

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Kerry’s visit to Hiroshima shows strength of U.S.-Japan alliance

Author: Mainichi Shimbun

Categories: In the News

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”Dr. Jeffrey Hornung, Sasakawa USA” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] Having a high-ranking representative visit the site of terrible tragedy between two former enemies in order to pay his respects demonstrates to the world how close the allies have become.   [/perfectpullquote]   U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit this week to Hiroshima’s

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