Adm. Dennis Blair, Maritime Awareness Project featured in PBS episode

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Sasakawa USA’s Chairman Adm. Dennis Blair and the Maritime Awareness Project, a joint project between Sasakawa USA and the National Bureau of Asian Research, are featured in an episode of the PBS Great Decisions in Foreign Policy Series on “China’s Maritime Build-Up.”

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East Asia’s Maritime Challenges: Overview of the Current Situation

Date: October 14, 2016

Sasakawa USA,  in cooperation with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Tokyo, hosted a panel discussion on East Asia’s Maritime Challenges and the role the U.S.-Japan alliance can play in these contested spaces.

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Japanese government urges another increase in military spending

Author: The New York Times

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Japan’s current budget request to increase defense spending and expand missile capabilities does not suggest that the nation is switching stances from primarily defensive to more offensive, Sasakawa USA’s Dr. Jeffrey Hornung said in an Aug. 31 article in The New York Times.

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China shadows U.S. warships amid rising tensions in Asia

Author: USA Today

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The People’s Liberation Army Navy this week continued its recent pattern of increasingly assertive behavior in the South China Sea by shadowing warships from the U.S., Japan, and India as they conducted joint military exercises. Although the Chinese vessels were uninvited, such actions have “come to be the norm for China,” Sasakawa USA’s Dr. Jeffrey Hornung said in a

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Scarborough Shoal key to strategic triangle of disputed territories within South China Sea

Author: NHK

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Sasakawa USA’s Dr. Jeffrey Hornung appeared on NHK June 4 in a program discussing territorial disputes within the South China Sea. While on the program, Hornung utilized functionality of the Maritime Awareness Project web portal, a joint project by Sasakawa USA and the National Bureau for Asian Research, to demonstrate how the Scarborough Shoal is

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