Interpreting Abe’s New Cabinet Choices and Assessing the Impact

Date: August 4, 2017

Sasakawa USA held a private policy lunch talk with the Wall Street Journal’s Jacob Schlesinger and Sasakawa USA’s Economy, Trade, and Business Fellow Tobias Harris, who discussed the ramifications of the cabinet reshuffle for Abe’s premiership, his security and economic policies, and the future of the LDP.

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As fortunes fade for Prime Minister Abe, recovery seems unlikely, says Harris

Author: Guardian

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According to a July 25 Guardian article on Prime Minister Abe’s declining support, the downward trend in Abe’s approval ratings may mean that a bounce-back is unlikely for the Prime Minister. In the article, Sasakwa USA Fellow Tobias Harris pointed to diminished public trust in Abe as the main indicator that the Prime Minister’s approval ratings will remain low.

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Tokyo Metro election results may reflect discontent with Abe’s leadership, Tobias Harris suggests

Author: Bloomberg Politics

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Tokyo’s Metropolitan Assembly election on Sunday, July 2 saw a record upset of the Liberal Democratic Party in favor of the upstart Tomin First Party. In a Bloomberg Politics article covering the election,  Tobias Harris, Sasakawa USA Fellow for Economy, Trade, and Business, suggests that Prime Minister Abe’s rush to revise the Japanese constitution may explain the results.

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In Japan, right-wing school scandal entangles two women close to Abe

Author: New York Times

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Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada may have a difficult time regaining public trust after a scandal involving a right-wing education group, and another related to the role of Japanese Self Defense Forces operating in South Sudan, Sasakawa USA’s Jeffrey Hornung told the New York Times in an article on March 21.

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