Koike Yuriko Shakes Up October Election Prospects with Party of Hope

Author: Nippon.com Editorial Board

Categories: In-Depth with Nippon.com

On September 28, Prime Minister Abe Shinzō dissolved the Diet and announced a snap general election to be held on October 22. The sudden appearance of Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko’s new party, Kibō no Tō, or the Party of Hope, has established an entirely new chessboard, with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s pieces arrayed across from the newcomer’s.

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PM Abe’s drive to amend the Constitution: Can he overcome the hurdles?

Author: Takenaka Harukata

Categories: In-Depth with Nippon.com

Prime Minister Abe is aiming to amend the Constitution of Japan by 2020. But support for his administration has declined sharply, and if he insists on pushing ahead with the amendment process according to his intended schedule, he runs the risk of failing both at revising the Constitution and at holding on to power.

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Abe’s comeback and the outlook for a general election

Author: Tobias Harris

Categories: Japan Political Pulse

Given Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s current status — recovering approval ratings, high marks for his handling of a serious foreign policy crisis, with an established opposition party in seemingly terminal decline, and a new opposition party scrambling to prepare for an election — the political logic of a snap election is indisputable. This analysis takes an in-depth look at public opinion polls on Abe and what they reveal about the coming election.

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Interpreting Abe’s New Cabinet Choices and Assessing the Impact

Date: August 4, 2017

Sasakawa USA held a private policy lunch talk with the Wall Street Journal’s Jacob Schlesinger and Sasakawa USA’s Economy, Trade, and Business Fellow Tobias Harris, who discussed the ramifications of the cabinet reshuffle for Abe’s premiership, his security and economic policies, and the future of the LDP.

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As fortunes fade for Prime Minister Abe, recovery seems unlikely, says Harris

Author: Guardian

Categories: In the News, Sasakawa USA Blog

According to a July 25 Guardian article on Prime Minister Abe’s declining support, the downward trend in Abe’s approval ratings may mean that a bounce-back is unlikely for the Prime Minister. In the article, Sasakwa USA Fellow Tobias Harris pointed to diminished public trust in Abe as the main indicator that the Prime Minister’s approval ratings will remain low.

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