Scandal raises doubts about Abe’s ability to win a third term

Author: Tobias Harris

Categories: Japan Political Pulse

As recently as last month it appeared that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was cruising to an easy victory in the Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP) September leadership election, which would give him a third three-year term and position him to set the record as Japan’s longest-tenured postwar prime minister. Over the past two weeks, however, the reemergence of a scandal regarding the discounted sale of public land to Moritomo Gakuen, a private school with links to the prime minister and the first lady, has raised doubts about Abe’s ability to win a third term–or even to survive until the end of his current term.

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Japan’s Politics in 2018: Prospects for Abe’s Constitutional Revision Agenda?

Author: Takahashi Masamitsu

Categories: In-Depth with, Sasakawa USA Blog

Prime Minister Abe is seen as likely to win reelection as president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party this September, enabling him to lead Japan for another three years. He is eager to get Japan’s post–World War II Constitution amended for the first time, but accomplishing this will be a major challenge.

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Politics and Security in Japan after the Elections

Date: November 16, 2017

This policy lunch focused on “Politics and Security in Japan after the Elections.” The discussion featured comments from Tsuneo Watanabe, Senior Research Fellow at Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan, and retired Lt. Gen. Noboru Yamaguchi, JGSDF, Professor at the International University of Japan Research Institute and Advisor at Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan.

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New opposition parties still lagging behind the LDP—but many voters undecided

Author: Tobias Harris

Categories: Japan Political Pulse

With four days until the campaign for Japan’s October 22 general election officially begins, the outlook for the vote is still extremely fluid. Polls show significant numbers of undecided voters, but also suggest that Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike’s newly formed Party of Hope is struggling to connect with independent voters.

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Koike Yuriko Shakes Up October Election Prospects with Party of Hope

Author: Editorial Board

Categories: In-Depth with

On September 28, Prime Minister Abe Shinzō dissolved the Diet and announced a snap general election to be held on October 22. The sudden appearance of Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko’s new party, Kibō no Tō, or the Party of Hope, has established an entirely new chessboard, with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s pieces arrayed across from the newcomer’s.

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