Congressional staffers deepen knowledge of Japan on delegation to Tokyo and Okinawa

Author: Christa Desrets

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Nine senior congressional staff members and a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives had the opportunity to deepen their political, economic, historical, and cultural knowledge of Japan in early June while participating in a week-long trip to Okinawa and Tokyo. The tour, conducted through the Congressional Study Group on Japan with support from

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True Stories from Japan: Common concerns for a stable and prosperous Asia

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Our Japanese counterparts were candid in expressing their concerns over threats from North Korea and Chinese adventurism in the South China Sea. I was struck that the concerns they expressed to us closely mirror U.S. interests for a stable and prosperous Asia.

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Thinking about Okinawa (1): A Historical Perspective on the US Military Presence

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This article is available through a partnership between Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA and Article was originally translated from a roundtable discussion conducted in Japanese on June 19, 2015. For original posting, click here.  Okinawa Governor Onaga Takeshi’s staunch opposition to the Futenma relocation plan has deepened the rift between the local and central governments.

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