Prime Minister Suga, Muddling Through

Author: Satohiro Akimoto

Categories: Japan Political Pulse

Satohiro Akimoto, Chairman and President of Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA Prime Minister Suga’s best-case political scenario is that he will successfully suppress expansion of COVID-19, while at the same time revitalizing economic activities as quickly as possible. Additionally, he will hold the Tokyo Olympics with both Japanese and foreign spectators in attendance, as planned. Finally,

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Book Discussion: Peak Japan: The End of Great Ambitions

On Wednesday, July 31, 2019, Sasakawa USA hosted Mr. Brad Glosserman, Deputy Director and Visiting Professor at the Center for Rule Making Strategies at Tama University and Senior Advisor at Pacific Forum International, for a candid discussion of his new book Peak Japan: The End of Great Ambitions. Sasakawa USA CEO Ambassador James Zumwalt moderated the on-the-record discussion and Q&A.

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Women Rising in Japan? A Post-Trip Briefing by Mine The Gap

On December 4, 2018, Sasakawa USA hosted a lunch discussion with Mine The Gap co-founders, Kristin Haffert and Jessica Grounds to discuss their takeaways from their recent trip to Tokyo, where they shared best practices in training women to run for political office. This policy lunch event was moderated by Sasakawa USA Research Assistant Darah Phillip.

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Cabinet reshuffle brings no boost to Abe but public support is stable as he starts third term

Author: Tobias Harris

Categories: Japan Political Pulse

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, fresh off his successful bid for a third term as leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in the September 20, 2018, party election, announced a new lineup for his cabinet and for the LDP’s leadership on October 2, 2018. Three polls conducted October 2-3, after the reshuffle, found that the public’s reaction to the new cabinet was lukewarm at best.

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June poll watcher: despite fluctuations, Prime Minister Abe recovers in the polls

Author: Tobias Harris

Categories: Japan Political Pulse

According to Sasakawa USA’s Japan Political Pulse ten-day moving average of opinion polls, over the course of June, the Abe government’s net average approval has risen from -14 at the start of the month to roughly 0 by the end of the month. Despite continuing scandals and lack of public trust in the Prime Minister, Abe continues to provide many Japanese voters with a “sense of stability.”

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