An expanding role for Japan: An interview with Admiral Dennis Blair


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Developments including Chinese military buildup, the Brexit issue in Europe, and the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President provide Japan with a range of challenges going forward. As Japan responds to these concerns, Admiral Dennis Blair sees the nation’s relationship with the United States remaining a bulwark in the Asia region and expects it to increasingly take a leading role in such areas as defense, diplomacy, and the world economy.

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Interview with Sasakawa USA’s Dr. Phyllis Yoshida featured in newsletter

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An interview with Sasakawa USA’s Dr. Phyllis Yoshida, Fellow for Energy and Technologyrecently was featured in the December 2016 issue (Issue No. 13) of the APEC Oil and Gas Security Newsletter. Click through to read the full interview.

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Former Intelligence Chief: N. Korea Could Sell Nuclear Materials

Author: Voice of America

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may be tempted to sell its nuclear materials or technology to earn cash amid increased sanctions, Sasakawa USA CEO and Chairman Admiral Dennis Blair said in an interview with Voice of America on March 10. Click through to watch the full video interview.

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