South Asia’s Development in the Context of China-India Rivalry

On April 16, Sasakawa USA hosted Keiichiro Nakazawa, Director General of the South Asia Department at the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), for a policy lunch discussion on “South Asia’s Development in the Context of China-India Rivalry.” The discussion was moderated by Sasakawa USA CEO Ambassador James Zumwalt. In his presentation, Nakazawa discussed the challenges

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Abe, Modi, and Partnership: India’s Views of Japan, the United States and the ‘Indo-Pacific’ Partnership

Sasakawa USA held a panel discussion on April 4 examining the importance of the U.S.-Japan-India relationship and India’s views of Japan and the United States. The event included a short session on Japan’s cultural influences on India, embracing the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s 2018 theme of “Art, Music and Play.”

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Sustaining U.S.-Japan alliance topic of Adm. Blair keynote in Chicago

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The U.S.-Japan alliance is stronger than ever, but work still needs to be done to sustain the positive momentum and navigate potential crises that could arise in the future, Adm. Dennis Blair, Chairman and Distinguished Senior Fellow at Sasakawa USA, said February 23 at an event focusing on the New Asian Security Landscape.

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Video: Adm. Blair speaks on security issues in the Indian Ocean

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Modernizing defense capabilities of the United States and its allies in Asia is an effective method of deterring military aggression from China, Admiral Dennis Blair, Sasakawa USA Chairman and CEO, said while speaking February 7 at “Security in the Indian Ocean Region,” a joint conference in New Delhi between Vivekananda International Foundation, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Sasakawa USA, and Australian National University’s National Security College.

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Abe’s Indo-Pacific Security Diamond Begins to Shine

Author: Suzuki Yoshikatsu

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Prime Minister Abe made concrete progress toward the realization of his long-cherished security diamond strategy in 2015, but the initiative still faces daunting obstacles. In the meantime, Japan and its partners in the region will have their hands full coping with China’s bid to overturn the traditional maritime order of the Indo-Pacific.

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