The Value of Understanding East Asian History in Addressing Current Regional Tensions

Author: David C. Kang

Categories: Sasakawa USA Forum

Sasakawa USA Forum Issue No. 8

Many in the foreign policy community view China’s rise and potential displacement of the United States as the world’s most powerful country as one of the most consequential developments of the 21st century. In assessing this development and addressing potential associated problems, looking at historical parallels may offer important lessons. However, there has been a tendency to focus more on examples from western history rather than Asian despite a wealth of analogous developments in the region where China is located.

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The Roots and Realities of Japan’s Cyber-Nationalism

Author: Furuya Tsunehira

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The prevalence of anti-Korean and anti-Chinese hate speech on Japanese websites has raised concerns about the spread of a virulent strain of right-wing cyber-nationalism in Japan. Furuya Tsunehira traces the rise of Japan’s “Internet right-wingers” and dispels some myths about their identity and potential impact.

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