Japan’s Shinzo Abe, China’s Li Keqiang seek to shore up influence with Cuba on back-to-back visits

Author: South China Morning Post

Categories: In the News

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prepared for a visit to Cuba last week as the nation “just gets started to cultivate a relationship with Cuba,” said Hiroko Maeda, a non-residential fellow at Sasakawa USA and research fellow at the PHP Institute.

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Little chance of thaw in Sino-Japanese ties at G20 summit

Author: South China Morning Post

Categories: In the News

Tokyo’s relationship with Beijing has fluctuated greatly in the past several years, and those tensions are likely to continue through the upcoming G20 Leaders Summit that China will host next month, Sasakawa USA’s non-resident fellow Hiroko Maeda said in an article by the South China Morning Post.

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Emperor Akihito’s wish to transfer the crown and the need for a national discussion

Author: Hiroko Maeda

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog

Emperor Akihito was the first Emperor who took his position as a normal person, and he has devoted himself to fulfilling his duties. The majority of the Japanese public understand his desire to transfer the crown, but new legislation regarding the Imperial Family will be necessary if the government decides to grant the Emperor’s wishes.

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Maeda and Blair discuss the future of U.S.-Japan relations in Q&A-style post

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog

Two Sasakawa USA experts came together recently to discuss the future of the U.S.-Japan relationship in a conversation now featured on the PHP Institute’s website. The Japanese-language feature is structured as a Q&A-style discussion between interviewer Hiroko Maeda , a Non-Resident Fellow at Sasakawa USA and a Research Fellow at the PHP Institute, and interviewee

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Assertive Engagement: An Updated U.S.-Japan Strategy for China

Author: Adm. Dennis Blair and Hiroko Maeda

Categories: In the News

The U.S.-Japan alliance requires a fresh new strategy of “Assertive Engagement” toward an increasingly ambitious China to assuage territorial uncertainties in the Asia-Pacific and maximize opportunities for economic influence. That’s the recommendation of “Assertive Engagement: An Updated U.S.-Japan Strategy for China,” an op-ed authored by Sasakawa USA Chairman and CEO Admiral Dennis Blair and Non-Resident Fellow Hiroko

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