Assessing Abenomics as formerly Japan-specific issues spread to other developed economies

Author: Akinari Horii

Categories: In-Depth with

While acknowledging the partial success of Abenomics, former Bank of Japan Assistant Governor Akinari Horii warns of the possible dangers of BOJ debt monetization. Financial uncertainty in Japan could also have wider global ramifications.

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Emperor Akihito’s wish to transfer the crown and the need for a national discussion

Author: Hiroko Maeda

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog

Emperor Akihito was the first Emperor who took his position as a normal person, and he has devoted himself to fulfilling his duties. The majority of the Japanese public understand his desire to transfer the crown, but new legislation regarding the Imperial Family will be necessary if the government decides to grant the Emperor’s wishes.

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JPP: Opposition parties aim for independent voters as campaign season officially begins

Author: Tobias Harris

Categories: Japan Political Pulse

The last round of polling before the campaign for Japan’s July 10 House of Councillors (HOC) elections officially began today shows that the Abe administration and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) continue to hold a commanding lead that could position them for a significant, if not overwhelming victory. But a number of independents are still undecided, and dissatisfaction with the Abe administration’s economic policies continues to run high, suggesting that there is room for the Democratic Party (DP) to gain at the government’s expense.

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