SEED group explores climate change, clean energy, other issues on delegation

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From March 4 -11, 2017, Sasakawa USA partnered with the New America Foundation, a think tank in Washington D.C., to take eight policy experts for a week-long study trip to Japan as part of the Sasakawa USA Emerging Experts Delegation (SEED).

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Cybersecurity: Preparing the Workforce

Date: March 2-3, 2017

This two-day conference jointly hosted by Keio University and Sasakawa USA in Tokyo explored the human talent component of Cybersecurity, focusing on education, training, and use cases while discussing exciting innovative technology and policy.

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Why Japan will lose 20 million people by 2050

Author: Sasakawa USA x

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When a country’s birth rate shrinks, it can face major challenges. When a country’s population gets older (meaning the percentage of elderly people gets bigger), that causes problems too. But what if both happen at the same time? Japan knows, because it is facing this exact crisis right now. To promote better public understanding of this twin phenomena, Sasakawa USA teamed up with, a Japanese language and culture blog.

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Event reveals issues arising from public opinions within Japan, Korea, and China

Author: Juliane Doscher

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On January 11, Sasakawa USA, in partnership with The Genron NPO — a Japanese think-tank dedicated to promoting democracy in Japan — hosted a public forum to present its bilateral, trilateral, and quadrilateral survey poll results for the first time in the United States. The forum was an opportunity to discuss political and diplomatic issues that will arise in Northeast Asia based on the region’s public opinions of each other.

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