Sasakawa USA Fellow Tobias Harris testifies on Capitol Hill on China’s Belt and Road Initiative

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Sasakawa USA Fellow for Economy, Trade and Business Tobias Harris testified before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on January 25. Harris, who is also vice president for Teneo Intelligence, spoke at a hearing on China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Five Years Later.

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APEC, Regional Trade, and U.S.-Japan Economic Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

Sasakawa USA hosted an off-the-record policy lunch discussion with Ambassador Matt Matthews, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs and Ambassador for APEC. Sasakawa USA CEO Ambassador James Zumwalt served as moderator. D.C.-based think tank experts as well as those with an interest in U.S.-Japan economic relations and U.S.-APEC relations attended the lunch talk, in which Ambassador Matthews discussed APEC’s role in the Indo-Pacific and its work in relation to U.S. strategy in the region.

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Diagnosing the Chinese economy and lessons from Japan

Date: February 15, 2017

Sasakawa USA hosted a private, off-the-record luncheon with Toshiya Tsugami, President of Tsugami-Workshop. Ltd., on the current state of the Chinese economy and its correlation to trends in Japan. The event was an opportunity to engage in a candid conversation with Mr. Tsugami on the aftermath of the investment bubble and China’s future prospects and global effects.

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A Pacific Rim trade pact is Japan’s best option, says Sasakawa USA’s Tobias Harris

Author: Washington Post

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During his visit to Japan, Vice President Mike Pence raised the possibility of a bilateral trade agreement between the U.S. and Japan. But, reviving the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact may be the best option for Japan, says Sasakawa USA Fellow Tobias Harris, quoted in the Washington Post.

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