Asia on Air Episode 04: Chris Nelson on North Korea, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Drama

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In Episode 4 of Asia on Air, Capitol Hill and Asia expert Chris Nelson discusses his decades of experience with and observations of the U.S.-Japan-DPRK drama.
The recent exchanges of threats between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump have brought North Korea’s nuclear weapons program back into the spotlight, but how much of the discussion is posturing and how much is progress? Chris Nelson gives us his take on these key questions.

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North Korea flags

Kim Jong-un’s Sword of Damocles

Author: Shigemura Toshimitsu

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In the wake of multiple missile launches and a fifth nuclear test by North Korea, Pyongyang watcher Shigemura Toshimitsu offers insights into Kim Jong-un’s motivations while calling for a dramatic escalation of international sanctions.

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