Chairman’s Message: After Hanoi, Back to Basics

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For its first two years, North Korea has been the Trump administration’s highest profile diplomacy effort in Asia. The President and his advisors believed that in dealing with North Korea they had better ideas, greater skills and more favorable conditions than their predecessors. Some even dreamed that Donald Trump could be the second American president

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Assertive Engagement: An Updated U.S.-Japan Strategy for China

Author: Adm. Dennis Blair and Hiroko Maeda

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The U.S.-Japan alliance requires a fresh new strategy of “Assertive Engagement” toward an increasingly ambitious China to assuage territorial uncertainties in the Asia-Pacific and maximize opportunities for economic influence. That’s the recommendation of “Assertive Engagement: An Updated U.S.-Japan Strategy for China,” an op-ed authored by Sasakawa USA Chairman and CEO Admiral Dennis Blair and Non-Resident Fellow Hiroko

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True Stories from Japan: An exemplary member of the international community

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I’ve come to believe that Japan can play an important role in world politics, far beyond Northeast Asia, as it has a very credible diplomatic voice and significant means at its disposal. Japan has been, by anyone’s measure, an exemplary member of the international community and it derives a lot of legitimacy from this.

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Perspectives: Breaking the ice in Northeast Asia, by Kent C. Calder

Author: Mainichi Shimbun

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While top world leaders spent their time surrounding the G-20 and APEC meetings travelling around the region and making ties with ASEAN and other leaders, Japan’s struggle remains in Northeast Asia.

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