In coverage of Japanese elections, Sasakawa USA Fellow Tobias Harris key expert for media

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In the lead up to and aftermath of Japan’s Lower House elections on October 22, Sasakawa USA’s Tobias Harris provided expert commentary on the elections and the overall political landscape in Japan for a range of publications and media outlets including Washington Post, Financial Times, and NPR.

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PM Abe’s drive to amend the Constitution: Can he overcome the hurdles?

Author: Takenaka Harukata

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Prime Minister Abe is aiming to amend the Constitution of Japan by 2020. But support for his administration has declined sharply, and if he insists on pushing ahead with the amendment process according to his intended schedule, he runs the risk of failing both at revising the Constitution and at holding on to power.

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Beyond article 9: Broader considerations for Japanese constitutional reform

Author: Inoue Takeshi

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In Japan, debate over constitutional revision tends to focus narrowly on such hot-button issues as Article 9 and the status of the emperor. Constitutional scholar Inoue Takeshi argues for a broader conversation—encompassing such issues as environmental rights, gender parity, and intergenerational equity—to pave the way for reforms needed to strengthen and modernize Japan’s democracy.

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U.S.-Japan cooperation in defense, trade, and cybersecurity discussed at Fourth Annual Security Forum

Author: Hayley Aron

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Sasakawa USA’s Fourth Annual Security Forum brought together government officials, academics, and security experts for a day-long conference on Asian security within the context of the U.S.-Japan alliance. The event provided diverse views on challenging issues with panel discussions on topics such as congressional views on trade, U.S.-Japan defense policies, the North Korean threat, and cybersecurity cooperation.

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