Steps Toward Restoring the Medium- to Long-Term Sustainability of Social Security

Author: Oguro Kazumasa

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Japan’s public finances are facing an unprecedented situation in both historical and international terms. The debt to GDP ratio of general government (central and local) has exceeded 200%, an all-time high surpassing the level recorded in fiscal 1944 toward the end of World War II.

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Assessing Abenomics as formerly Japan-specific issues spread to other developed economies

Author: Akinari Horii

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While acknowledging the partial success of Abenomics, former Bank of Japan Assistant Governor Akinari Horii warns of the possible dangers of BOJ debt monetization. Financial uncertainty in Japan could also have wider global ramifications.

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Reading Between the Lines of Abenomics 2.0

Author: Hayakawa Hideo

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Prime Minister Abe’s announcement of three new arrows to guide stage two of Abenomics took the nation by surprise. It signals a recognition that the first three arrows are not working, writes former BOJ Executive Director Hayakawa Hideo, and forebodes a major shift in monetary policy.

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