Cyber 3 and TTX Panel at U.S. Japan CIP Forum

Sasakawa USA released a report on November 30 of its recent “tabletop exercise” in Tokyo, which simulated a major cyberattack during the 2019 World Rugby Cup to be hosted in Japan. The report, unveiled during a panel discussion at the 13th Annual U.S.-Japan Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum in Washington, D.C., offers insights into the state of preparedness of Japanese stakeholders in the face of a large scale cyberattack.

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Into the Gray Zone: Cybersecurity report rollout featured in the news

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U.S. policymakers are moving too slowly in dealing with the dynamic threat from cyberspace, Sasakawa USA’s Adm. Dennis Blair said October 31 at an event rolling out the publication of “Into the Gray Zone: The Private Sector and Active Defense against Cyber Threats.”

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Chairman’s Message: Reflections on the 2016 Annual Security Forum

Author: Admiral Dennis Blair

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It’s been several weeks since our annual Sasakawa USA Security Forum was held in May, and we were pleased this year to welcome more than twenty-five distinguished speakers who are experts in a variety of security-related fields pertinent to the U.S.-Japan alliance.

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Japan gets serious about cybersecurity as Olympics approach

Author: The Journal

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Japan’s new strategy to combat cybercrime will take time to become effective but is vital to containing and reducing cyber threats, Sasakawa USA’s Admiral Dennis C. Blair said in an article by Richard Smart for The Journal and featured in Japan Today.

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