Cybersecurity Spotlight: Global security companies gather at Keio University

Author: The Journal

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Before delivering a keynote address at a cybersecurity conference at Keio University in May, Sasakawa USA’s Admiral Dennis Blair said his goals were two-fold: “to strengthen U.S.–Japan bilateral ties by finding issues of common interest and working together to solve them, and to make tangible contributions towards the actual resolution of same.” Blair’s comments were

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Putting “Meat on the Bones” of the U.S.-Japan Alliance Coordination Mechanism

Author: Thomas Storch

Categories: Sasakawa USA Forum

Sasakawa USA Forum Issue No. 2

U.S.-Japan alliance coordination has historically been hindered by structural challenges, such as the lack of a mutual defense pact or a joint operational command structure. Despite longstanding efforts to bolster crisis interoperability and coordination, the alliance continues to lack an optimal structure to organize the planning and execution of complex joint operations.

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