Cherry Blossom Festival Event: U.S.-Japan Leadership and Collaboration in Emerging Technologies

On April 2nd, Sasakawa USA held an insightful panel discussion highlighting U.S.-Japan leadership and collaboration in emerging technologies. After hearing from an esteemed panel of U.S. and Japanese speakers, attendees enjoyed a light reception for further festivity and networking.

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Toshiba in crisis after failed nuclear gamble

Author: Mori Kazuo

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Toshiba is in profound difficulties, facing enormous losses from its nuclear subsidiary and forced to sell off its profitable flash memory business. Journalist Mori Kazuo traces the path from President Nishida Atsutoshi’s 2005 gamble to pull the company out of stagnation up to its present troubles.

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Hill Briefing: Regional Perspectives on AIIB

Date: July 22, 2015

Sasakawa USA hosted a Congressional staff briefing on the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).  The panelists, including Mr. Masahiro Kawai, Ms. Yun Sun, and Mr. Tobias Harris, presented the U.S., Japanese and Chinese perspectives of the creation, development and future of the AIIB and highlighted important points for Congressional consideration.

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Japan’s Economic and Political Future

Date: April 26, 2012

Japan faces a daunting array of challenges. The country’s growth has stagnated over the past two decades, and China’s growing influence is reshaping Japan’s regional and global role. Japan already has the world’s oldest population, and current trends point to a one‐third decrease in the country’s population by 2060.

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