True Stories from Japan: From Nagasaki to the Netherlands

Author: Alexander Hoare

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog, True Stories from Japan

I have devoted the majority of my adult life to the study and understanding of Japanese history, arts, and politics. I do not hide my deep interest in Japan, which is why my friends and family were baffled when I announced that I would be moving to the Netherlands in the summer of 2015.

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It’s time to treat Bitcoin ransom as stolen goods

Author: William "Bud" Roth

Categories: Cyber beat, Sasakawa USA Blog

There has been a lot of legal debate about whether Bitcoin is a currency, a security, or a commodity. That judgement will ultimately determine whether Bitcoins used to pay ransom are treated as stolen money (fungible) or stolen goods (reclaimable). Law enforcement should treat Bitcoin as a commodity and, in doing so, the victims of ransomware who pay would have recourse against all future owners of the ransomed Bitcoins to reclaim them.

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Traditional game of ‘Kingyo Sukui’ draws crowds at Sakura Matsuri

Categories: Sasakawa USA Blog

On April 16, Sasakawa USA’s JUMP (Japan-US Military Program) team drew in kids and adults alike with the traditional Japanese festival game of “kingyo sukui” — goldfish scooping — at the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival in Washington, D.C. The festival is the largest one-day celebration of Japanese culture in the U.S. — and the

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