Public Opinion on the Future of Northeast Asia

Date: January 11, 2017

Sasakawa USA joined with Genron NPO to examine the results of polls looking at views of the Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean public on the future of Northeast Asia and challenges facing the region. Experts discussed the findings and their implications for the region as well as for U.S.-Japan relations.

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The Sasakawa USA Forum: How to submit your research on U.S.-Japan relations for publication

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The Sasakawa USA Forum is a platform for research and analysis related to Japan and U.S.-Japan relations in a bilateral, regional, and global context. In order to gain a more comprehensive view of U.S.-Japan relations, the Sasakawa USA Forum offers experts outside Sasakawa USA a chance to bring their work to a wide audience. Sasakawa USA

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Trilateral summit tightens Asian leaders’ resolve against North Korea

Author: Kyodo News Service

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Japan and South Korea “have far more to gain when working in unison than when they are driven apart by differing interpretations of history,” Sasakawa USA’s Dr. Jeffrey Hornung said in a Kyodo News article about the two countries showing improved unity in addressing North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. Last week, U.S. President Barack Obama joined

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