Sayuri Romei, PhD

Fellow for Security and Foreign Affairs

Dr. Sayuri Romei is the Fellow for Security and Foreign Affairs at Sasakawa USA. Prior to joining Sasakawa USA, Dr. Romei spent a year at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) as a MacArthur Nuclear Security Pre-doctoral Fellow. Her doctoral work focuses on Japan’s nuclear hedging posture and examines how the country started and maintained such stance throughout the postwar era.

She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Sorbonne, a BA in International Relations from the University of Roma La Sapienza, an MA in International Relations from Roma Tre University, and a PhD in Political Science from Roma Tre University.

Dr. Romei is also an illustrator. She has illustrated four books published in France, a novel in Japan, and two children’s books in the United States. ​Her styles range from traditional Japanese ink paintings (sumi-e) to digital creations.


Nuclear policy; nuclear history; U.S. extended nuclear deterrence; Japanese security and foreign policy; Japanese history; East Asian history; nationalism, identity, and pacifism in Japan

Sasakawa USA Book:

The New National Defense Program Guidelines: Aligning U.S. and Japanese Defense Strategies for the Third Post-Cold War Era (Sasakawa USA, 2019)

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