Video: Adm. Blair speaks on security issues in the Indian Ocean

February 10, 2017


Modernizing defense capabilities of the United States and its allies in Asia is an effective method of deterring military aggression from China, Admiral Dennis Blair, Sasakawa USA Chairman and CEO, said while speaking February 7 at “Security in the Indian Ocean Region,” a joint conference in New Delhi between Vivekananda International Foundation, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Sasakawa USA, and Australian National University’s National Security College.

Quoted in an article about the conference by ABC News in Australia, Blair said, “What’s really important, I believe, is for India, Japan and the United States to modernize and strengthen our own maritime, air and, where necessary, ground capabilities to improve that military balance in our favor, and therefore make it very high risk for China to undertake military aggression.”

“I would also urge those of you who are watching the United States to look a little bit below the surface and not to be captured by social media — from whatever source,” he said.

Read the full article here or watch the video embedded above for more of Adm. Blair’s comments.



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