U.S., Japan reconfirming relationship through Mattis and Abe trips

February 3, 2017


With newly confirmed Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ trip this week to South Korea and Japan, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe planning a visit to Washington next week, the Trump administration seems to be confirming the continuation of a strategic pivot to Asia, though perhaps not in the form that we have seen until now, said Sasakawa USA’s Dr. Jeffrey Hornung in recent news appearances.

“Because there are no specific policies that have come down so far from the White House and you have this provocative behavior from North Korea, [Gen. Mattis’ visit to South Korea and Japan] is a reassurance trip, and it’s meant to deliver strategic messaging to the region that the U.S. is still committed,” Hornung said in an interview featured on China Global Television Network (above).

“…My own sense is that the pivot to Asia will continue, but not in the form that we’re used to… [under President Trump] it seems to be very much a military pivot to Asia, and I suspect that that will continue.”

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